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by 37° collective

(c) Frank Erler(c) Frank Erler
(c) Frank Erler(c) Frank Erler
(c) Frank Erler(c) Frank Erler

The various experiences, approaches and languages ​​of movement of the dancers Janina Bobrowski, Melanie Müller, Ariel Chauvel-Lévy and Anika Bendel, are combined in the collective 37 ° by the common interest in human as a social being.
Therefore the individual stands in the focus. How does the human act in society? Which mechanisms is it subject to? They focus their work on their own, individual body, which is permanently subject to influences from the outside as well as from the inside. However, the body only accounts one part of their attention. In addition, the four dancers question psychological contexts and examine the behavior of the individual in the social context.

The simple question "What happens when people meet?" becomes the starting point of their eponymous piece "SIEBENUNDDREIßIG GRAD".

Life in a big city serves as a concrete metaphor for encounters between people. Similar to a camera work, they show different scenes of human encounters. From a distanced point of view, their look for freedoms, social behavioral patterns and structurally-bound codes of conduct. With "close-ups", people are taken out of the anonymity of the crowd and their personal destiny is illuminated.

Choreography: Janina Bobrowski & Melanie Müller in cooperation with the dancers Dance: Arielle Chauvel-Lévy, Anika Bendel, Janina Bobrowski und Melanie Müller Photo Documentation: Frank Erler Video Documentation: Frank Erler, Maximilian Selas



  06/07 July 2012, 8 pm  
  Arkadas Theater Köln  
  (Platenstraße 32, 50825 Köln)