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A Wall by any other Name

by Anika Bendel

(c) Frank Erler(c) Frank Erler
(c) Frank Erler(c) Frank Erler
 (c) Frank Erler(c) Frank Erler
 (c) Frank Erler(c) Frank Erler

"A Wall by Any Other Name" deals with the ambivalence of walls: walls that we build ourselves to protect ourselves, that are supposed to provide protection, but that are also the limits that lock up what they are supposed to protect.

Based on a child's drawing, Anika Bendel took up the theme of the inner walls during her training time at the dance academy balance1 in order to edit it in a solo performance with a two-meter board. After its premiere in the premises of the dance academy balance1, the piece underwent several revisions, including the Bonn artist Bärbel Stenzensberger and later with the Cologne dancer and choreographer Nada Kokotovic.



choreography/ dance:     Anika Bendel
music: Jörg Ritzenhoff
dramaturgical advice:     Bärbel Stenzensberger, Nada Kokotovic
duration: 6 min, (longer version 20 min)






"Experimentally and expressively, Anika Bendel from the University of Music and Dance (Cologne) dances in her solo "Rising and Falling" with a man-high wall that symbolizes actual and supposed resistance.
Amazing how the material becomes an imaginary partner and is sometimes danced against or with it. A grandiose idea, also superbly executed in a dance-like manner."  (Klaus Keil, Kölner Rundschau 2010)

  Walls can be both protective and constricting. "A Wall by any other name" by and with Anika Bendel explores the ambiguity of inner walls, inspired by a child's drawing, to create an expressive Pas de Deux. She dances with a man-high plate, which offers protection as a wall, sometimes as an obstacle on the legs.

Her body leans against the strict geometry of the wall and takes refuge behind it - or is dependent on its support. With the rigid plate as its counterpart, [Bendel] achieves purist snapshots full of symbolism. "

(Johanna Heckeley, Kölner Stadtanzeiger 2010)





  27.05.2010, 8 pm  
  Tanzhaus Köln Interim  
  (Schanzenstraße 35, 51063 Köln)  
  Barnes Crossing Köln  
  (Industriestraße 170, 50999 Köln)  
  08/09 Nov 2008, 7 pm  
  Patchwork on stage - flatback & cry  
  Max-Taut Aula Berlin  
  (Fischerstraße 36, 10317 Berlin)  
  balance 1 Berlin  
  (Colditzstraße 23, 12099 Berlin)