The Private & The Public – THE COMMUNITY (working title)
Call for Applications: Artistic Direction and Choreography for a new Dance-Theater-Production


On January 8, 2023, the Stuttgart dancer, educator, and choreographer Juliette Villemin passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind an artistic legacy. In 2013, she founded the company Juliette Villemin & Team. In agreement with the heirs, the dancer and cultural producer Anika Bendel, the director Bernhard M. Eusterschulte and the musician Luisa Budscherak decided to continue Juliette Villemin’s artistic work and legacy. They founded the production company PRODUKTION JULIETTE VILLEMIN GbR. Under this leadership, guest performances and a film premiere have already been carried out. The company has received a three-year conceptual funding from LafT BW, with the year 2024 representing the third and final year. All public events continue to be held under the label Juliette Villemin & Team.
In light of recent events, we are concerned with the question of the fate of the artistic legacy, the archiving, documentation, and processing of artistic works in the field of performing arts, especially dance, being the most ephemeral of all art forms. What remains of the artistic legacy of a choreographer in the performing arts, especially when it has been left disorganized? What remains of the dance movement that, according to Juliette Villemin, reveals and hides the private, the intimate, even in public? What is worth to remember, to culturally process and to made accessible? And who decides, and by what criteria, what is relevant to the cultural memory and what is not? How does one properly preserve and remember? There is little experience, little discourse in the free dance scene, but we are willing to try. The OPRODUKTION JULIETTE VILLEMIN GbR chooses to continue the artistic work and, for this purpose, announces the vacancy of the Artistic Direction and Choreography.

About the New Production “THE COMMUNITY” (AT)

Juliette Villemin’s three-year conception explores the tension between the private and the public. Since 2020, the companies Juliette Villemin & Team and TARTproduktion (Bernhard M. Eusterschulte/Johanna Niedermüller) have been investigating the three sub-themes, “the individual and its boundaries,” “spaces of intimacy,” and “The Community,” through an intermedial collaboration. They were interested in the meaning of “privacy” within society and how the frameworks for the private have historically and culturally been expanded differently. The focus for 2024 is on the formation of communities. What makes a community? It arises at the moment of encounter between like-minded individuals and in the coincidentally conforming confrontation over any given topic. The reason for the dynamic formation of communities lies in the self-understanding of an individual who presents and makes themselves available for a moment.

Call for Artistic Direction and Choreography

Who we are looking for:
We are seeking an experienced choreographer who is interested in the theme and collaboration with the company Juliette Villemin & Team and who can convince with a coherent artistic concept. Parallels in artistic work and expression with Juliette Villemin are desirable. Thus, the artistic focus should be on dance and choreography, with a choreographic signature in the style of dance theater. Interest or experience in interdisciplinary collaborations is also desirable.

What we offer: The PRODUKTION JULIETTE VILLEMIN GbR provides its resources:

1. The artistic team of the company: Recruits partially from setted positions of production management and dance (Anika Bendel), dramaturgy and/or stage design (Bernhard M. Eusterschulte/TARTproduktion), as well as from the circle of performers around Juliette Villemin, who are eligible and/or preferred for this project;
2. A production budget of €39,500:
This covers fees for all participants, including 4 performers, music/composition, stage and costume design, documentation, travel, and accommodation costs for 5 weeks of rehearsal time. The fee for the position to be filled is budgeted at €6,400. Premiere and further performances are financed separately;
3. A (rough) timeframe (see below);
4. Rehearsal and performance spaces:
Rehearsal spaces are reserved at the Produktionszentrum Stuttgart. The project space of Kunstverein Wagenhalle is requested as the performance venue;
5. As well as organizational and administrative implementation.

The production budget covers a minimum of artistic fees and expenses. The budget will be adjusted to the actual concept with the appointment of the Artistic Direction/Choreography.


April // Selection and appointment of the Choreographic Position // Update of the Artistic Concept; Adjustment of the Budget // If necessary, call for applications for additional artistic positions, partners

June // June 12-13, 2024, and June 17-30, 2024 // Research & Rehearsal Block I (2 weeks) Produktionszentrum Stuttgart, Faullederstraße

July // July 15-August 2, 2024 // Rehearsal Block II (3 weeks) Produktionszentrum Stuttgart, Faullederstraße

Sep // September 23-October 5, 2024 // Rehearsal Block III (2 weeks) Produktionszentrum Stuttgart, Faullederstraße

Oct // October 21-November 2, 2024 // Rehearsal Block IV (2 weeks) Produktionszentrum Stuttgart, Faullederstraße

Dec // December 3-16, 2024 // Final Rehearsals, Premiere + Performances (2 weeks) Project Space Kunstverein Wagenhalle (optional)


Interested choreographers should send their applications with the following documents by March 31, 2024, to

1. Artistic conception on the theme complex “The Private and The Public / THE COMMUNITY (working title)”; max. 4 pages
2.* Portfolio* of the artistic CV with a selection of works (max. 3 works with video links)
3. Brief letter of motivation
4. A rough cost-financing plan showing how the secure funds of €39,500 will be allocated // or a cost-financing plan with a higher budget and specific proposals on how the shortfall could be acquired

Further information about the company Juliette Villemin & Team can be found here: (if still under construction please visit here: )

Contact for inquiries:
Anika Bendel
0711 93 55 1201

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