25th of Jan 2020, 6 pm
Südufer Freiburg
Haslacher Straße 41, 79115 Freiburg im Breisgau

The one-week ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is a workshop format to promote local young choreographers and dramaturges, as well as national and international dancers. The program is guided by the two international mentors: Edan Gorlicki and Monica Gilette. It comes to a vivid exchange and choreographers have the opportunity to network nationally and internationally.

In the public showing on Saturday 25th of January, the choreographic results of the day will be presented and discussed with the program participants and the audience.

Choreography Katarzyna Brzezinska, Katharina Ludwig, Daniel Rakovsky, Belinda Winkelmann
Mentorship Monica Gillette & Edan Gorlicki


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