Das multikordale Konstrukt

Das multikordale Konstrukt

by multipluralwesen

2022 | Stuttgart

An interdisciplinary dance and figure theater happening in public space. The performance examines the relationship between limitation and freedom in a networked society. In doing so, she ties in with Oskar Schlemmer’s exploration of space and movement.

Team: Johannes Blattner (dance/direction), Robert Buschbacher (puppetry/technic), Martina Gunkel (dance), Lisa Thomas (dance), Anika Bendel (dance/finances), Vincent Wikström (music)
Support: Emilien Truche (outside eye), Jeton Balaj (bracelets), Selina Koch, Kevin Franc & Hanna Malhas (research)
Teaser: Vincent Wikström (music), Felix Wolf (video), Johannes Blattner (cut)

A production of multipluralwesen. With the kind support of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart in cooperation with the production center for dance and performance, from the NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZSTEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. utility dance; and by TANZ_TAUSCH_NETZWERK through a residency in the Katharinenruine in the KunstKulturQuartier Nuremberg.


08-10-2022, 15:00

8th of October 2022, 3 pm
Erwin Schottle Platz, Stuttgart

free entrance

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