Instant Acts

Instant Acts


since 2020

Instant Acts with the Instant PIGs Stuttgart – (PerformanceImprovisationGroup) is a free ensemble that trains at the Produktionszentrum, which is always open to including new artists in the work and guarantees continuous artistic research, quality and an evaluation and documentation of the formats of improvisation and instant composition. In the long term, a platform for artistic improvisation with a clear presence in Stuttgart, supraregional charisma and further development in qualitative terms can only establish itself if the artists working in improvisation artrehearse regularly, exchange their work techniques and visions, develop performances and appear in public.

The ensemble enjoys jumping into a new space of sound and movement and consistently dares to do it anew with each performance.

The performers experiment with a range of aesthetic concepts: from abstract movement language to poetic – humorous – musical – theatrical actions, they sound out the diversity of their artistic backgrounds with relish and find their unpredictable piece together with the audience. The musicality and the theme of an instant PIG composition arises from the potential and the courage of the performers, to decide again and again to change roles from the moment, so that the boundaries between responsibilities for dance, music, image and word can merge.

Finance management since 2018.

Artistic direction Lisa Thomas, Claudia Senoner, Alexandra Mahnke Musical Direction Oliver Prechtl

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