Ilona Pászthy

2019 - 2022

Since 2000, the interdisciplinary artist group around Ilona Pászthy has created dance productions that can be experienced by the public both in public spaces and on a site-specific basis and in theatrical spaces. Staged nationally as well as internationally, they open the border between the audience and the artists and enable direct encounters and more direct access to the discussion of the topics. The media as well as interdisciplinary and international cooperation play a decisive role. The basis of her work is the cross-genre stage composition of contemporary dance, performance, visual arts and media art, as well as music and performing arts, but also the encounter and examination of methods and approaches from science (genetics, sociology). The language of movement is strongly influenced by postmodern dance and performance techniques and a very unique body language based on the individual gestures of everyday life. In her artistic concepts, she reflects on the zeitgeist and the resulting social structures in a cross-disciplinary and socially critical manner. The company is currently working on changing sensual perception processes in an increasingly medialized world. The body is repeatedly addressed as a mirror of society. In addition to the artistic work, the company carries out audience-forming measures such as audience discussions and formats for young audiences, but also studios for young upcoming dancers, for example in Brazzaville and Kinshasa, are important components of the work, as well as barrier-free project concepts.
Works by IPtanz have been nominated and awarded many times.

Cooperation in the production work since 2019.

artistic direction Ilona Pászthy szenography miegL production Anika Bendel


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