MIRA performance

MIRA performance

Julia Riera

since 2018

MIRA develops multi-layered productions of high sensitivity and intense imagery. The inside and outside are brought into direct dialogue, what goes under the skin becomes visible and what is not tangible becomes noticeable. Experimentally and sensitively MIRA explores boundaries – imaginary or spatial – between genres, personal or interpersonal.
Julia Riera`s keen eye interfuses with existential, spiritual and physical depth.

“…You rarely experience such an artful dialogue on an eye-level between dance and music. The work is so expressive that ultimately a very special experience of a performance is bestowed upon the audience and presents an idea of archaic depth of human movement.”
Thomas Linden/Kölner Rundschau am 24.10.2017

Since 2009 the interdisciplinary working group develops performances that focus on the inclusion of visual, spatial and emotional elements. MIRA leaves the ordinary stage experience and by choosing special premises or especially developed spatial installations they create a concept of an own artistic and aesthetic spatial experience.

In the content-based concept all elements merge into a synthesis of the arts: choreographic performance and music as well as a visual idea in the form of the spatial installation are all put into an artistic dialogue.
In the project-related collaborations the choreographer creates an intensive dialogue with artists of different genres and performers that allows a deeper interdisciplinary and collaborative teamwork.
Thus MIRA repeatedly opens up to freelance artists – established as well as young artists – from all kinds of different fields to work together project-related in compact bundles.

MIRA was founded under the artistic direction of Julia Riera by choreographer and dancer Julia Riera, camerawoman and media artist Julia Franken (collaboration 2009-2016) and dancer and choreographer Emily Welther (collaboration 2009–2014). Since 2011 the composer Philip Mancarella is a firm member of the group.

Finance management since 2018.

artistic direction Julia Riera composition, music Philip Mancarella dramaturgy Thomas Falk company manageemnt, production management Caroline Skibinski finance management Anika Bendel


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