Physical Performance in Site-Specific Spaces

Physical Performance in Site-Specific Spaces

by Anika Bendel

2012 | Khartum, Sudan

In the context of the Layali DIWAN program of the Goethe-Institut Sudan a selected group of artists participated in a workshop for site-specific works.

The participating artists came with different artistic backgrounds, such as visual arts, performing arts, fine arts or music. The individual artistic background of each participant enriched the exchange and gave chances for interdisciplinary encounters. The aim of the workshop was to open up a new artistic field for the participants: Physical Performances in Site-Specific Spaces.
The workshop explored and experimented with the possibilities of places and human body. The human body as an instrument of nonverbal communication expanded the artistic background of the participants for the possibility of physical performances.

In cooperation with the “College of Music and Drama” of Sudan University the participants familiarized themselves with site-specifc works. Four weeks long they lerned, explored, exchanged and experimented in different spaces of the college and the Goethe-Institut. Influenced and led by their individual artistic background, the participants created their own artistic ideas. With site-specific spaces around the Goethe-Institut, the participants conquered unusual spaces. Space and body become part of an interdisciplinary performance.

The participants developed their performances and installations for a public presentation at the 15th of December 2012 in, on, through and around the Goethe-Institut Sudan.

Concept/ Workshop Facilitator Anika Bendel Assistance Nahla Alamin Documentation Ibrahim Mursal Translation Nahla und Rayan Alamin Workshop-Participants Osman Algamari, Ibrahim Alsafi, Dalia Ibrahim, Zahra Mansour, Noor Seifalislam, Esam Omer, Mudathir Altayb, Amro Khalaf Allah, Fatima Algabani, Afraa Saad, Wala Ahmed, Asaad Aladin, Abdulmahmoud Abdulrazag, Isra Azhari +Photography, Graphic Design* Anika Bendel

With special thanks to Dr. Zeinab Abdallah M. Salih and Dr. Adel Harbi for the support and cooperation with the College for Music and Drama in Khartum. Supported by Goethe-Institut Sudan.


15-12-2012, 18:00

Goethe-Institut Sudan

Sharia Al Mek Nimr, Block No. 1-6-W-F-E
Khartoum, Sudan

16 Nov – 15 Dez 2012
College of Music and Drama Khartoum,
Goethe-Institut Sudan

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