zu tanzen glauben

zu tanzen glauben

Andechser Miniaturen – Ein Tanzparcours zur Schöpfungsgeschichte entlang am Heiligen Berg

by Stefanie Schwimmbeck

2019 | Andechs

Take a look at the Holy Mountain with the eyes of a dancer: Where can you find gaps, balancing or jumping possibilities, where can you find areas for a little choreography? Let yourself be abducted through the Holy Mountain and into the Genesis. You will see your environment with different eyes and maybe even dance yourself.

artistic direction of the cultural series Katharina Buzin concept, choreography Stefanie Schwimmbeck together with the dancers Sophia Seiss, Yana Novotorova, Amie Georgson Jammeh, Anika Bendel dramaturgy Anna Dipold video Philipp Dettmer/Deutsche Exotik picture Josef Schwimmbeck


19-07-2019, 19:00

Kloster Andechs
Bergstraße 2
82346 Andechs

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